Laminate flooring is making a comeback

Recent technology has enabled manufacturers to design laminate planks that replicate wood and natural stone.
The latest styles feel like the real deal, too.  Manufactures are using high-definition printing and embossing techniques to mimic the patterns and ridges found in hand-scraped hardwood and burnished brick. They’ve even found a way to whitewash planks giving the illusion of a weathered appearance. 
If you have kids or pets, laminate flooring could be the solution to your problems.

A waterproof laminate wood construction with ingenious design and
long-lasting durability, gives you the perfect balance between elegant beauty and lifetime performance. Authentic wood style and proven performance keep homes withlaminate flooring looking great.
Laminate offers beautiful looks that emulate the elegance of porcelain tile and the warmth of hardwood, but with the easy maintenance and super durability of a laminate.  Mannington has the most complete line of wood and tile designs that you'll find anywhere.  And thanks to our proprietary technologies that produce precise embossing and texturing, it's like you're getting flooring in High Def.